Professional artist, entrepreneur, teacher and author Jodie King visited with Studio 512 about what’s new.

Jodie has a new podcast out – 10 episodes now – revealing the secrets to how she turned her passion into a thriving business. “In a society that often tells us to find our passion and follow it, few people ever take the time to learn what it takes to actually make a living doing what they love.” Jodie pulls back the curtain on what it takes to build a thriving art business. This encouraging show aims to teach listeners everything they need to know about making their art dreams a reality. Jodie says that the motivation is not just for artists; whatever journey you’re on, hearing the ups, downs and breakthroughs of Jodie’s – and other artists’ – journeys can inspire any person in any industry.

Enjoy the Honest Art Podcast on all major podcast platforms and view quick snippets of each episode on YouTube. If you’re interested in being featured on Jodie’s podcast or for any other queries, email

Jodie has also been working with Art from the Streets, a nonprofit organization based in Austin. She has been educating people experiencing homelessness, and has collaborated with a group to produce a unique piece of artwork for Art from the Streets’ annual gala on April 12th. There are a finite number of tickets available for this event: get yours online today!

Jodie is also offering her Honest Art Challenge. “Your best art is raw, real and emotional. If you’ve been uninspired or stuck with your painting, let’s tap into what makes your art good: you. Join me in this five day challenge to help you find your voice, uncover your truth and create honest art again.” Join for free online today.