Are you feeling older than your chronological age because of pain or discomfort from stubborn and chronic health conditions? Dr. Lucas Brown, DAOM, LAc, spoke with Studio 512 about how his clinic, Rosedale Acupuncture & Wellness, “turns back the clock” and gets patients feeling 10-15 years younger.

I hear that you love your job.

“That’s right, I do. It’s fair to say I think I have the best job in the world. I get to help people get their lives back by treating those stubborn conditions that leave others scratching their heads. Our patients tend be those who are, sadly, told to ‘just live with it,’ and they’ve been to countless doctors and specialists who can prescribe a medication in hopes of dealing with the symptoms, but not offer any real long term solutions. These patients always feel much older than their actual age. You know, it’s almost like I work in a time machine. We turn back time 10 or 15 years. It’s a pretty cool job.”

What do you treat often in your clinic?

“The things I like to treat and the things that we seem to do the best with are the things where other people have given the patients no hope, they’ve been everywhere for some chronic and complex condition and the answers that they’re given are ‘Oh, you’re just getting older, that’s part of getting older…or here’s another pill to add to the 15 you’re already taking…or you’re just going to have to live with that, suck it up.’

“Those are not answers that I think are viable. And that’s why we’ve kind of tried to crack the code on a lot of these things. I love Western medicine, which is definitely life-saving in any acute situation. But in the chronic situations, it tends to get a bit bogged down.

“Western medicine ends up acting like a pinky is a pinky all by itself…or that an ear is a ear all by itself…or that a nose is separate from the rest of our body. But what we do here at Rosedale Acupuncture and Wellness is we treat the whole person as a whole. We never treat the pinky, the ear, or the nose by itself. And that’s part of why we get the results that we get.

“I treat a lot of Peripheral Neuropathy in my clinic. Peripheral Neuropathy affects about 20 million people. People who have it use a lot of the same adjectives: burning, tingling, pins and needles; they’ll say they’re walking on glass or that they’re walking with their socks bunched up under their toes when there’s nothing there. I hear a lot of patients tell me that nighttime is the worst, and that even the bed sheets will hurt their feet at night.

“People with Peripheral Neuropathy may even struggle to walk on a wooden floor, so our concern becomes balance and a potential fall. Depending on your age, that can be really hard to heal from, which is why we want to intervene.”

What else do you do besides acupuncture?

“We do a lot more than just acupuncture here. I don’t know how to put all that in the name, so we just call ourselves Rosedale Acupuncture and Wellness. We really blend the ancient art of acupuncture with a lot of very new and cutting edge technologies.

“In a lot of our treatments, I actually don’t think of the acupuncture needles as the main character. They’re just a supporting character. And one of these other therapies is taking center stage as the main performer there. So it looks a little bit different for everybody and that’s why we urge everyone: if you’ve been everywhere else and nothing has worked, give us a call and come on in here and we’ll do a consultation. Each treatment plan is unique to the patient, and we will do our best to give you incredible results.”

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