Lance Roberson of joined Steph and Rosie for a follow up segment on soil and what types of plants grow best in each type. He also offered tips on what to expect from each variety.

Mixtures of the 3 soil types are usually the best for growing so you can get properties of each kind of soil. A balanced mix is often called loamy soil. 

Potting soils are mixes that increase water holding abilities while reducing compaction and are often more organic material than soil.

Plants and Tips For Each Soil Type:

Sandy Soils –

Sand has great drainage so water penetrates deeper, meaning to reach the lowest soil depths the least amount of water is needed. But sand also heats up the most, and water is not held well, so it has the highest frequency of water needs. 

Sports fields, golf courses, Root crops like peanuts, potatoes and carrots love sandy soil.

Silty Soils – 

Silty soils are prone to compaction, so staying off of the soil when wet will go a long way to helping your plants, because roots want air as well as nutrition and water from the soil.  

Silty soils are great for trees such as pecans, willow, birch, and dogwoods! A lot of shade plants love Silt as this soil type is often around streams where many plants grow in the understory!

Clay Soils –

This is the most common soil in Central Texas, so many natives thrive in this soil!!!

Clay holds the most nutrients and also the most water, so plants that are adapted to our drought/flood cycles love clay soils! 

Wildflowers, native grasses, and trees like magnolias and poplars love clay soil!

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