Kids are back in school and getting food in their bellies is no easy feat. Lifestyle expert, Erica Brennes, stopped by with Parker’s Plate, giving us ideas to help simplify meals as we settle into our new fall routines.

As the founder of the “Real Mom, Real Tired” blog, you know the tricks to providing easy solutions for busy parents. What is your first tip?

“For busy moms like me, I want to have easy to grab snacks on hand, from the lunchbox to the fridge. A must-have for me is Brainiac Kids Whole Milk Yogurt because it supercharges kids’ developing brains with a food they love. The brand’s whole milk yogurt is the first kid-friendly food that includes the BrainPack: a proprietary blend of brain-building nutrients including omega-3 DHA, ALA and choline. Each serving of Brainiac Kids helps ensure kids get more of these nutrients in their diets as most aren’t getting the levels recommended by experts like the World Health Organization. And, an added parenting win: Brainiac Kids yogurt cups, tubes and drinks have less sugar and more protein than other kids’ yogurts, with all the goodness of probiotics.”

What else do you have to help make meal-time easy for parents?

“There’s actually a new meal service catered for kids called YUMI. This is a game-changer for busy families! They make fresh, delicious, nutrient-dense food for your kids and they just started delivering to the Austin area. YUMI makes plant-based purees for babies, as well as snacks and finger foods for toddlers and older kids, and it’s shipped right to your door. Now, instead of being Real Mom, Real Tired…I’m Real Mom, Real Prepared!”

What is this YUMI product?

“This is their new “Tot Box,” which comes with plant-based “bites” that are a great substitute for less-healthy, processed foods like tater tots or chicken nuggets. All you have to do is bake for just 6 minutes at 450 degrees, then dip them in ranch, ketchup, hummus or tzatziki for a fiber-rich, super tasty snack, perfect for kids after school or homework time. It’s also important to note that YUMI only uses the cleanest ingredients; all produce is from local and organic farms.”

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