Laurel Corrinne and Martina Coffee of Laurel Corrinne Studio joined Steph and Rosie to share some ideas that mom will love. Treat her to a service, a gift card or some products and help mom get summer ready!

Laurel Corrinne Studio was created for those who want to experience the most natural and flawless custom tanning and body contouring treatments. Each client can enjoy a unique and thoughtfully created personal and effective plan.

Laurel Corrinne specializes in preparing you for weddings, pre-vacation, photo shoots, special events, or just because you want to feel confident and look naturally beautiful. The Studio is elegantly designed in whites, with fresh flowers and chic French music… relaxing, peaceful and completely Private!

Laurel Corrinne Studio is excited to represent Biologique Recherche. The Bioloqique Recherche founders have spent years of research to build a line of products dedicated to building better skin with powerful solutions for the face, hair and body. Biologique Recherche has gained a following amongst our clients both near and far. BR gained its positive, global reputation through its focus on personalizing skincare with their clinical approach using pure, concentrated and raw ingredients.

Laurel Corrinne Studio does not sell Biologique Recherche products online. Stop by the studio, text, call or email to learn more about what products may be best for you and to place an order. For more information go to