Amanda McDaniel, director of marketing at Expo Home Improvement, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to talk about solid surface solution options, including a special offer.

So many people are doing bathroom remodels right now, and one product that I’m hearing about more and more is the solid surface solution. What is that, and why are so many people moving towards it?

“Times have changed, and so has the way that people look at their bathroom remodel,” McDaniel said.

She shared why people moved away from porous tile for solid surface solutions.

That is really interesting. Are there different design options available, or is there only one standard look?

“The design options are almost endless. We are capable of doing various color and pattern combinations that will fit the look of your space perfectly.”

Wow, that’s amazing. And, we know Expo Home Improvement as the expert of bathroom remodels, but what other products do you specialize in?

“Since 2006, we have specialized in bath renovations and shower, and window replacement, door replacement, and insulation! We have served over 20,000 Texan homes and families with these services and products, so we know better than the national chains what is going to be best for a Texan home! We’d love to come check out your space to see how we can help improve it!”

Awesome! If I am ready to get started, what does the process look like?

“We have a simple three-step process. One, you can go online to our website:, or call 512-595-7517 to schedule a free appointment. Two, one of our design consultants will come out to look at your space, and help you design a bathroom space that fits your needs. And three, we have a worry-free installation process. Our professional installers will get your bathroom remodel installed in as little as one day.”

Special Offer

All callers should ask about the “Manager’s Special.”

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