Influencer brand coach, Starley Murray, teaches on-camera confidence learned from her years of producing national television. She transitioned from behind-the-camera to a record-holder as a Guest Lifestyle Entrepreneur across multiple television markets. Starley has been in-demand with social media influencers, media members and celebs for more than two decades, and she visited with Studio 512 about her tips for success.

What is the truth about stage fright or being scared of being on-camera?

“The truth about camera confidence is more often a lack of preparedness. Knowing your business mission/personal brand and repeating your message creates confidence.

“I also help people with deeper emotional or tactical challenges like speech impediments, hearing impairment, accents, stutters, shyness, Tourette Syndrome and PTSD. I grew up with PTSD myself: being raised in a home where it was not always safe to be seen or heard, I felt safer behind the scenes. Now I’m able to do both and make a difference, sharing my heart and my gifts to the world on-camera.”

Tell us more about why branding is so important for preparedness.

“Many experts do not realize that their brand philosophy, mission statement, strategy and tactics all need to work together. Your philosophy supports your alignment with your heart and life purpose. Your mission statement is the guiding light that you reference, in order to keep your plan on-track. Your strategy is the method which you use to follow your plan and your tactics are a series of steps to get there.”

What do you say to someone who feels anxious about how they look on-camera?

“65% of people are visual learners, and most of us absorb at least 10 images per second. That’s 600 images per minute! I teach a signature layered-messaging style with visuals such as b-roll, graphics, backgrounds and even tips on how to dress or what props to use.

“You don’t have to look like a supermodel or pro-athlete to be on-camera. Audiences actually want experts that look like experts, and people that present content from their successful experiences.”

What are some ideas for home studios or set designs on a budget?

“For years, I’ve taught my signature ‘DIY, DEAL & DELUXE’ style. The ‘DIY’ can be a free virtual background app, converted open-door closet or a plain wall with curtains and lights added for fun.

“The ‘DEAL’ – which refers to a purchase, with savings – can be watching for a ‘deal of the day’ on a site like Amazon, or using coupons or a payment plan.

“The ‘DELUXE’ option involves investing money in good props, equipment and backgrounds. Many of my clients like to use Pinterest to help them design their look.”

Tell us about your gift offer for On Camera Social Media Mastery.

“I’m so proud to provide such a valuable and easy-to-follow free training video and workbook for those who sign up at You will learn on-camera video marketing that top influencers use, as well as how to avoid content calendar overload (feeling more like ‘I have to do it’ versus ‘I get to do it’).”

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