The last several weeks you have shown us all these easy ways you can post-quarantine Get Your Sexy Back. I know there are quite a lot of moms out there that are interested, but let’s not leave the dads out- how can we help men too?

Today I’m going to show you how we can bring together all the things we have talked about before and bring them together so you can see the bigger picture of how we can accomplish a whole non-surgical transformation- and not just a Mommy Makeover, but Daddy Do-overs too! So, we can include the guys in on the Get Your Sexy Back treatments so couples can spice it up and slim it down.

What kind of issues are ladies and guys most often coming to you with worries about right now?

If your life these days is anything like mine, a pre-pandemic routine that included regular exercise and disciplined eating has probably given way to sedentary evenings and binge-watching TV with take-out food. There are, of course, a lot of things that can make you feel not-so-sexy, but so often right now, many of our patients are struggling to maintain healthy habits amid the anxiety of the pandemic. “The Quarantine 15”- pounds, that is- is a real phenomenon. The challenge of protecting our health is a struggle everyone is dealing with. Even people accustomed to physical fitness and good nutrition are having trouble breaking bad habits they’ve developed since the pandemic. So, many of us are in need of Mommy Makeovers and Daddy Do-overs. When you gained 10 pounds and were 25 yrs old, you just cut out the beer and ice cream for a week. When you gain 1o pounds at 52 years old, it’s a long road back.We see patients coming in with complaints of fatigue and low energy levels, restless nights and poor sleep, weight gain- especially around the mid-section, loss of muscle mass and skin elasticity, skin looseness, maskne, and even sometimes urinary leaking and intimate wellness issues. These are common problems we can address fairly easily. Luckily there are plenty of ways we can help you to get your body back into shape to Get Your Sexy Back.Here’s the deal- we DO NOT have to accept aging poorly- we can change the way we age and we can all feel sexy in our 30’s, 40’s and beyond. AGING IS INEVITABLE. BUT HOW YOU AGE IS NOT. We can manage our hormone levels to be our best. We can even use biohacking tech to analyze our DNA (genomic testing) to determine how each of us best can maintain a healthy weight and have beautiful skin. There is an incredible amount of information inside each of your 22,000 genes, and we look at all of it so we can affect how our bodies age. We believe in enhancing your health and well-being rather than waiting for age-related diseases to appear. We can even take a deep dive into the physiology of your skin using high tech biometric devices here in our office. And then, the EMSUITE is a holistic approach to non-surgical total body wellness for women and men. As a physician, I am always on the lookout for evidence-based therapies to offer my patients that make a real impact in their lives. Here at Skin Science Soul, we are all about empowering you and your body, and the EMSuite helps us do just that. The Emsuite is the most revolutionary approach and having something so profoundly impactful and effective as a completely non-invasive option in body contouring is exciting. This includes the EMSCULPT, the EMTONE, and the EMSELLA. Q: Dr. Sholar, you have shown us these, but can you give us a quick refresher on how they work together to achieve whole-body wellness? A: The electromagnetic technology used in the Emsculpt for the abdominal musculature and Emsella for the pelvic floor, together creates up to 20k supramaximal muscle contractions in just a 30min treatment period- a workout you could NEVER do without these devices. We see a 29% reduction in fat and a 16-25% average increase in muscle mass. So, we can take patients who may go to the gym regularly and are in good shape and chisel their muscles and strengthen their core and pelvic floor so they get the most out of their bodies and their healthy lifestyle, or likewise, we can take a woman in her 50’s just a bit over ideal body weight, yet restructure her body as well so she looks great and feels confident in all she does. And for Dad-bods? We reduce that beer-belly, get them feeling and looking great with improved strength and stamina and power restored. We rebalance your body to your 20s or 30s, enabling you to regain- get back- your youthful mind and body functionality. boost your libido, eliminate sleep issues, and. even power-boost your mental acuity. If your gym is closed or you don’t feel comfortable going there or you can’t get together with your regular exercise buddies, we have the Medical Gym Membership Program utilizing these to get you in shape easily and quickly, then maintain it. Then the finishing touch, we add EMtone- a groundbreaking technology FDA cleared forskin tightening (like after losing the extra quarantine weight) and the treatment of cellulite. This procedure alone demonstrates a 93% visible reduction in cellulite and loose skin. And suddenly we have an opportunity to use these proven devices together and combining different energy modalities- the HIFEM, radiofrequency, and targeted acoustic pressure therapy- along with our hormone management and DNA-based weight loss program, and you’ve taken whole-body aging management for patients to an entirely different level and we can treat everybody’s body from head to toe, core to floor, all in the same day to Get Your Sexy Back!

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