How’s your new year’s resolution coming so far? Rosie pulled odds and ends from around the internet about the history of the new year’s resolution to quiz Stephanie. See if you know the answers to the questions below:

  1. Who invented new year’s resolutions? The ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians, or Julius Caesar? Answer: All of them played a role how we think of resolutions today, but the Babylonians did it first… 4 thousand years ago! They most often resolved to get out of debt. (Sounds like not much has changed, since money management still tends to be a top 5 resolution each year!)
  2. The first time the term “new year resolution” was used in print in America happened in what city: Boston, Philadelphia, or New York City? Answer: Boston, 1813 in a newspaper. The paper went on to say that people would be “deliberate December sinners” because of it.
  3. “Quitters Day,” when most people give up on their resolutions, is which Friday in January? First, second or third? Answer: The second, which falls this year on Friday the 13th. Running and cycling app, Strava, coined this term based on data from almost 100 million users.
  4. Yes or no: you are more likely to have a new year’s resolution at 34 versus 35. Answer: Yes! The older you are, the less likely you are to make a resolution, let alone keep it. The majority of people who make resolutions are the 18-34 age group. Of that group, about 59% make new year’s resolutions.
  5. On an internet collection of weirdest new year’s resolutions, one person wanted to collect what from every major airline: safety pamphlets, bag tags, or “air sick bags.” Answer: It’s gross, but it’s air sick bags. Let’s hope they collected the unused variety!
  6. What percent of people actually stick to their resolutions in the long-term, as in more than 2 years? 24, 16 or 9 percent? Answer: Unfortunately, the number is as low as 9 percent, but here’s a bit of good news: people who stuck to their resolutions said that they slipped up, on average, 14 times. The key is the resilience to get back up and try again!

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