Karen Helton of Kiss N’ Makeup says she’s seen an upsurge in clients coming in to ask for help with eyes and brows. Since masks are covering the bottom half of our faces, we want to make sure we balance things out!

If you’ve just purchased a new eyeshadow palette, but you’re feeling overwhelmed with the choices (or already finding yourself only using 2 of 10 shades), Karen has a foolproof method for identifying your colors, and therefore seeing what you can do with each one. Karen’s mentor created Senna, a line of makeup that Karen loves, and she showed some Senna palettes off on-camera.

  • Base eyeshadow colors: These tend to be light, and can be used on your whole eyelid, from lash line to brow bone, as a “wash” of color. These should be the first colors you apply.
  • Mid-tone eyeshadow colors: These shades are usually a little darker, and you use them in your eye socket area to provide contrast/create shadow. You can also use them under your eye to create a “ledge” that actually opens your eyes up, or you can use these middling tones to do a “wash” of color across your eyelid for a more monochromatic look.
  • Deep/dark eyeshadow colors: These colors are used on the outer corner of your eye to further deepen shadows. You’ll generally use less of these colors than you would a mid-tone shadow. You can also use dark eyeshadows as an eyeliner, which is a great way to get a smoky look!
  • Shimmers/glitters: Karen says that you can wear shimmer/glitter no matter your age, you just have to be judicious about the size of the glitter, and where you put it. A great way to make your eyes stand out is to put a little shimmer over a competed eye look, right over where your pupil sits when you close your eyes.

Karen will help you apply the makeup you already own, and she’s a brow guru! If you want to learn more about services offered at Kiss N’ Makeup, visit kissnmakeup.com. You can also call to make an appointment at (512) 388-1150.

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