Due to the pandemic, many people have lost jobs or have had their pay cut and with a
new year comes new financial goals. We have Financial Feminist and founder of Bravely Go,
Kara Perez joining us this morning to help us take control of our money by sharing expert tips to creating a budget.

How To Create A Budget & Save For Big Life Goals

  1. Create categories. Restaurants, rent, auto, childcare, etc.
  2. Track your spending. Sort each purchase into a category (or use an app!)
  3. Highlight needs vs wants. Needs must be attended to, while wants are where you can pull back in to save.

For Income Increasing:

  • Make a list of your skills (copywriting, childcare, design, etc)
  • Make a list of potential clients (who would pay for your skillset?)
  • Set income goals (How much do you want to make?) 
Bravely Go has an upcoming investing 101 workshop, How to Not Die Broke”. This virtual workshop is happening on January 25th.

Learn more about Bravely Go by visiting their website.