Mary Bryant Shrader is a modern pioneer in the kitchen who has spent the last 20 years teaching friends and fans alike how to make nourishing recipes using traditional methods and whole, seasonal ingredients as well as how to stock your pantry with a useful variety of homemade staples.

With nearly one million subscribers, her “Mary’s Nest” YouTube channel features in-depth videos that demonstrate traditional cooking skills to those longing to create a traditional foods kitchen and get away from overreliance on processed foods.

In her bestselling The Modern Pioneer Cookbook, Mary helps you master the basics of a traditional foods kitchen and shows you how to make over 85 delicious recipes that are simple and incredibly nourishing. Her recipes use whole ingredients that make use of every last kitchen scrap—with the goal of creating a no-waste kitchen, just like our ancestors. Her detailed recipes provide step-by-step instructions on how to make nutrient-dense foods, including bone broth, cultured dairy, ferments, and sourdough and no-knead breads—and master the perfect roasted chicken!

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