Tired of shaving? Milan Laser Hair Removal offers the ability to “never shave again, guaranteed.” Bettia Williamson with Milan spoke with Studio 512 about the benefits of laser hair removal, which is one of the fastest-growing beauty trends in the country.

Tell us about what to expect from Milan Laser Hair Removal treatment.

“Milan Laser clients are usually 95% hair-free within 7 to 10 treatments. When laser hair removal is done correctly, the results of each treatment will be permanent. Many clients see a noticeable difference after their first treatment. Some people need more treatments to see their desired results.

“What I love about Milan Laser is they offer an exclusive Unlimited Package with each body area purchased to guarantee clients results for life. So you don’t have to worry about touch-up fees later, like at other providers. It’s all included.”

How would someone know if laser hair removal is a good fit for them?

“These days, laser hair removal is for everyone. But all lasers are not created equal. The technology in the Candela GentleMax Pro used at Milan Laser can treat the full skin tone spectrum. It contains two laser technologies, Nd: Yag and Alexandrite. The Alexandrite is used for lighter skin tones, while the Nd: Yag is best for brown skin tones. It also has built-in comfort features and a cooling mist, so clients have the most comfortable treatments. You can feel confident that Milan Laser can safely, effectively, and comfortably treat all skin tones and make hair-free skin a reality for everyone.”

What makes Milan Laser Hair Removal stand out?

“Laser hair removal is non-surgical and an in-and-out treatment, but you still only want highly-trained professionals administering your treatments. At Milan Laser, only medical professionals like RNs and LPNs perform laser hair removal using an FDA-cleared laser, and all treatments are tailored to the client’s specific skin tone. All providers are also overseen by medical doctors to guarantee safe and effective treatments.”

What is the cost of laser hair removal?

“Laser hair removal is more cost effective over time than shaving or waxing. But it is an investment, and not everyone can afford to pay it all upfront. Milan Laser does believe everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful at a price they can afford so they approve everyone for at least one of their affordable payment plans. Milan Laser is currently offering up to 50% off laser hair removal packages and all new clients get their first treatment on us!

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