Looking for a cabinet remodel? ShelfGenie of Greater Austin has you covered. We joined Jewell Parker and homeowners to talk more about their offerings.

ShelfGenie offers a turnkey service from design to install. Tell us more about that.

Yes we start with understanding the client’s priorities and what prompted their decision to trust ShelfGenie with their important remodeling project. During the complimentary design consultation, we discuss concepts like zoning, high-value space, vertical space and more.

How in-depth do you delve into things like organization during the consultation?

We share relevant photos of similar installations to help them visualize the functionality in their home. Once we’ve determined priorities, we then create an animated 3D design that helps our clients to visualize how the glide-outs look and work for them.    

For someone considering a cabinet remodel, why ShelfGenie?

In addition to the in-depth design consultation and the experience we bring to the table, we offer unmatched quality and zero interest, zero down payment project funding to make ShelfGenie accessible for everyone. Two of our product families offer a lifetime warranty, which makes it an unmatched investment!

Love your kitchen and pantry and get more space, more organization, and more accessibility with ShelfGenie. Learn more at ShelfGenie.com/Austin.

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