NATiVE Solar, along with Solar Austin and Del Valle ISD, are accelerating solar jobs and work-study programs at the Del Valle Opportunity Center.

Together, they are each supporting the growing demand for trade skills and offering students green career pathways and hands-on training for renewable energy.

Lloyd Lee, founder and CEO of NATiVE Solar, along with Ray Macias, principal of Del Valle Opportunity Center, and Lorenzo Arevalo, a student at Del Valle Opportunity Center, all joined Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert at the center to talk about the school’s training program and its benefits.


The program offers many benefits such as, for example:

  • Students who take the program can enter the industry starting at around $20 per hour and can move into six figures if they stay in
  • An alternative to college which allows them to explore job opportunities to make a good living right out of high school (or before graduation)
  • An opportunity for students to start their own business and become an entrepreneur

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