Austin native Keli Linehan Hogsett spoke with her concept, CoCollect. CoCollect is an arts membership that is changing the way people experience art by being the first to loan museum-quality fine art to members in their homes.

It works like this: you can receive 3-7 art pieces (based on membership tier) for up to a year with the ability to purchase or extend your membership. CoCollect does member home consultations to help look at your space to make sure certain pieces will fit. The experts at CoCollect also give guidance on where the art should go, and also does an assessment of the home to make sure the fine art will be safe. CoCollect currently has 100 pieces of artwork on member’s walls including a high caliber of emerging artists and galleries such as: Adrian Armstrong, Tom Jean Webb, Tammie Rubin, Xavier Shipani, Matt Kleberg as well as Pablo Picasso, Ellsworth Kelly, Josef Albers.

Keli says that her mission is to give people access to live with fine art and grow life-long supporters of the art world. Her company also supports local artists (check out her Boomtown collection), while giving members knowledge about their pieces: you’ll receive texts each month with interesting facts about your pieces that make for great dinner party conversations!

While she quietly launched CoCollect to family and friends in December 2021, new member applications are now available to Austinites with a collection of over 500 new pieces to choose from. See the collections on offer and submit your application for membership to CoCollect.Art.