Summer is moving season! Sara Fritsch, owner of Moxie Space Professional Organizing, talked to Studio 512 about her tips on the “5 Things To Do Before You Move.”

  • Purge what you don’t need.
  • Avoid shopping.
  • Pack non-essentials ahead of time.
  • Put together overnight bags.
  • Book professional organizers to unpack for you.

Sara says she’s recently partnered with PT50, a prestigious real estate organization in Austin and San Antonio, to help clients understand how to make their house look the most attractive to potential homebuyers, and to help ease with the transition to a new home with her unpacking service.

Sara is a professional organizer who wants you to “spend more time living your life, instead of struggling with your stuff.” Learn more about Moxie Space’s services here, and be sure to follow along on Instagram.