It’s Texas wedding season, and it’s a hot one! Karen Helton of Kiss N’ Makeup has tips for the mother of the bride’s (and the mother of the groom’s) makeup, which can be tough to balance. You don’t want to upstage the bride, and you want to look age-appropriate (but dazzling)! Here’s what Karen says:

  • Makeup for the mother of the bride (MOB) should enhance her natural beauty and features.
  • It’s important that the makeup be something the MOB is comfortable with, and that she looks like herself. Karen suggests, for brightly-colored weddings, matching the lipstick (not the eyeshadow) to the same palette as the dress you wear.
  • Think of the adjectives light, bright and/or soft. These adjectives are important as we mature (whether we are discussing makeup, hair color or clothing/accessories).
  • Lashes are important! Even if it’s just a lash tint/lift or a light false lash, enhancing the lash line give a look of subtle glamour (and photographs really well)!
  • Avoid dark, matte, saturated colors in regards to makeup. That trendy matte all-day lipstick is tempting for big events, but it can be drying on your lips — and aging, to boot.
  • Eye makeup should enhance your eye color. If you’re looking for an accent shade for your shadow, look at the inner corner of your iris, just before your pupil: most people have a second color in their eyes to use as inspiration.

Karen will help you apply the makeup you already own, and she’s a brow guru! She can also consult with you on your makeup for the big day. If you want to learn more about services offered at Kiss N’ Makeup, visit You can also call to make an appointment at (512) 388-1150.

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