It’s Monday Motivation and today we are learning how to live a fearless and bold life, no matter what this week throws our way. Entrepreneur, Alexa Curtis joins Studio 512 with tips to overcome imposter syndrome and ways we can be fearless.

3 Ways To Be Fearless & Overcome Anxiety:

1. Understand your personality type and how you interact with others.

I’ve been really interested in understanding this for myself and team members so we can all understand the best ways to interact at work when we’re stressed out or struggling with something. A book I’d highly suggest reading is ‘Surrounded by Idiots‘ which labels all the different personality types people can be.”

2. Journal- Alexa recommends Silk & Sonder.

They are really great for reminding you how amazing you are in your moments of self-doubt.”

3. Exercise

30 minutes a day and make it happen at least 3 times a week. Bonus points if you find a yoga program or workout online that you can focus on when you’re feeling extra anxious.”

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