Photo by Richard Casteel / Dandelion Gatherings

Austin’s bar and restaurant workers have been deeply affected by COVID-19 shutdowns. Some are out of work with no end in sight while others are working stressful positions on the front lines—all of which can take a heavy toll on mental health and well-being.

The Mike & Sherry Project was started in March of 2019 by Sam Hellman-Mass, owner of Suerte, to bring accessible mental healthcare to Austin’s bar and restaurant workers. Now, the Project is opening its resources to all members of the Austin restaurant and bar community, including those who recently lost their jobs due to dining room and bar closures. The Mike & Sherry Project has already provided over 1,000 appointments to bar and restaurant workers across Austin.

The Project is currently accepting donations to serve more in the community. Members of the Austin bar and restaurant industry and looking for mental health care can arrange appointments or get more information by emailing  For more information, you can find the Project on Facebook.