May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and Erin Basalay, CEO of Rock Springs, and Jason Hatfield, M.D. with Ally Medical Emergency Rooms joined Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert to talk about Ally Medical’s partnership with Rock Springs.

Tell us about Rock Springs and what programs do you offer?

Basalay said:

  • Inpatient stabilization
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Specialty programs for Help for Heroes (active-duty military, first responders, and veterans) and adolescent services
  • Adult mental health and substance use treatment

What are some signs of a mental health emergency?

“Mental Health struggles can happen to anyone at any point in their lives,” Basalay said.

Look for changes in someone’s behavior, such as:

  • Isolating more
  • Crippling anxiety
  • Substance use
  • Anger issues

“It’s important to have open communication to understand if someone is having thoughts to hurt themselves or someone else. It’s a myth that talking with someone about suicide will increase the risk of suicide,” Basalay said.

What should someone do if they or their loved one is having a mental health crisis?

“For someone in an active crisis, community emergency resources, such as police and local emergency rooms are likely the right first step. Talk with a mental health professional, such as a counselor or doctor. Call Rock Springs directly at 512-677-7170 to receive an assessment and get recommendations on the next steps.”

Have you noticed any changes in mental health needs since the pandemic?

“The uncertainty of the last two years has brought up heightened feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression for many people, in particular a rise in adolescent mental health issues. Thus, Rock Springs saw the need to add additional services for this population. [Our] 24-bed expansion is slated to open next year.”

What can Ally Medical do for a patient that comes in with mental health struggles?

“We can stabilize them and utilize our community partnerships to get them into treatment to get the care they need to get better,” Hatfield, M.D. said.

Learn more about the services that Ally Medical offers at For more information about Rock Springs, visit

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