This week we’re featuring Rusty from Texas Humane Heroes. He’s five months old and has been with at the shelter since late August.  

“He’s a good lesson in never judging a book by its cover, or a shelter dog by how it acts in their kennel. If you walk by him, he tends to be a little barky, which can seem off-putting – even though he’s just doing it to try and get peoples attention. But once you hang out with him, take him on a walk, or into a play yard, he becomes a cuddly little nugget who just wants belly rubs.  

He gets along great with everyone, and has several dogs he socializes with as part of our rotating play groups, and right now his best friend here is Ambrose. While Rusty will romp and play with the wild abandon you’d expect from a puppy, he knows that people don’t play the same way, and mellows out immediately when it’s people time – which is something a lot of puppies don’t pick up on their own.”

Texas Humane Heroes is hosting their 14th annual chili cook-off on Saturday, November 4. There will be lots of vendors, activities, music, beverages (child and adult), live music, and hosted by Chet Garner. All proceeds go directly back into the shelter so they can continue the work they do.