Introducing the one and only KIKI also lovingly called Panda Bear. Kiki was a long stay resident at Austin Animal Center, since October 2020, and after a year and half of being at the shelter, a foster family scooped her up. Here is what her foster family has to say about her… “Kiki is an ABSOLUTE delight as a foster dog for the past 16 months and counting. But it is time, she gets a home of her own, with her forever person/family. We have two resident dogs and one of them is very dog reactive, so Kiki stays in a bedroom with a baby gate and access to the backyard. She deserves more than that, she deserves a whole home where she can lay on a couch, beg for food in the kitchen and just be apart of someone’s whole life. She has excellent manners, house-trained, does fine alone while we are at work, medium energy, loves walks, superb cuddling skills, loves to sleep and eat. Kiki is very treat motiviated, so very loyal, loves going on car rides and taking short trail hikes. Kiki has had a rough past and deserves to have a spoiled and pampered future. Kiki weighs approx ~50 pounds and needs to lose a little but of weight. Going on walks is her favorite…she walks nicely on leash. After a walk, napping is also a favorite activity….hopefully you won’t mind her little snores. We believe Kiki should be the only pet in the home so she has time to get all the love for herself. Kiki likes to take things slow in the beginning and would benefit from a low traffic home, meaning not a lot of people coming and going. We do not know of a history of Kiki living with children, but since getting to know her very well, Kiki could live with respectful, older kids.

As her foster mom, I woud be more than happy to chat more about Kiki and set up a meet and greet. If you click the “adopt me” button on her profile, that will get us connected, does not mean you are adopting her.”

If you adopt Kiki, you will get support and guidance from her foster family because they want the best for her! And also the Orange Dot Crew (a volunteer advocacy group at Austin Animal Center) will be there every step of the way to make sure that Kiki is set up for success with her new family.