Medicare Annual Enrollment is in full swing. If you’re unsure about what plan is right for you, Lindsey Edwards-Olaiya with United Healthcare Medicare & Retirement of Texas joined Rosie to help viewers learn more.

Why is annual enrollment so important?

“For most, this is the one time of the year that people can make changes to their health plan coverage. Medicare Annual Enrollment runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7 and offers people the chance to review new Medicare plans, make changes or confirm their coverage for next year.”

What advice can you offer to help make the process of choosing a plan easier?

“All plans are different, and it is based upon your needs. Look into the offerings of the plans and matching that to your needs. Also, look into your providers and specialists and figure out if they are still accepted by the plan. UnitedHealthcare has one of the largest national networks to help you access your benefits. Also, look into your prescriptions. UnitedHealthcare has over 65,000 pharmacies in our network, which helps you get the coverage you need. We also have home delivery.”

What are some other important aspects to consider when enrolling in a Medicare plan?   

“Vision, dental, hearing, over-the-counter allowance, and more are things that you should consider. We also offer gym memberships as a part of our plan. In 2024, UnitedHealthcare will again offer Medicare Advantage’s largest national provider network, along with one of the largest pharmacy networks with more than 65,000 locations, plus Optum® Home Delivery.”

You’re trying to help people online…and in-person.

“Our goal is to make people aware of the December 7th deadline. You can go online to learn more, and we have agents and kiosks in local grocery and pharmacies to help you.”

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