Meals On Wheels Central Texas is well known for helping our community by delivering meals to those in need but they actually do a lot more than that.

Linda Perez, the vice president for client services at MOWCTX, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert at their headquarters to talk about all of the client services they offer.

Can you tell us more about client services and how you help people in our community?

“The Supportive Case Management team conducts in-home visits at least once a year to holistically assess each client’s needs, not only in terms of nutrition and meal eligibility but to determine whether the client may require additional support. The Supportive Case Managers work closely with our clients, their loved ones, state & local agencies, and other Central Texas Meals on Wheels programs to fulfill any unmet needs. Any needs requiring intensive attention will be referred to the Comprehensive Assessment Resources and Education team (CARE Team) for greater attention and resources.”

What happens when someone calls and needs help?

“We help direct them to the services they need most and walk them through all of the areas MOWCTX could help.”

What else does a case manager do for clients?

“CARE provides comprehensive case management, financial assistance, falls and fire prevention assessments, along with assistance in applying for other benefits. The ultimate goal is to provide the resources necessary to help clients solve complicated problems that will help them remain stably housed and that, if left unsolved, could lead to premature institutionalization.”

“Individuals enrolled in any of our programs are eligible for Case Management. Referrals must come through our Supportive Case Manager or from a Program Service Coordinator.”

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