The Central Texas Meals On Wheels program is a holistic nutrition program that provides home-delivered, prepared meals for seniors and adults living with disabilities throughout the Greater Austin area.

Each recipient receives one meal per day during the week and may have an option of receiving supplemental frozen meals for the weekend. Their staff nutritionists carefully plan the meals to ensure they meet the nutritional needs of those they serve.

Head Chef Ruben Burnett of Meals On Wheels Central Texas and Seanna Marceaux, the vice president of nutrition, health & impact at MOWCTX, joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to tell us more.

Of note, Head Chef Burnett has spent nearly 20 years cooking meals for an estimated 3,000 homebound seniors every year.

Burnett discussed his years as head chef of MOWCTX, his favorite part about working there, and what it means to feed so many in the community. Meanwhile, Marceaux discussed the benefits of the program and more.

To learn more or sign up to volunteer with Central Texas Meals On Wheels and help those in need in our community, go to

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