Karen Helton of Kiss N’ Makeup visited with Studio 512 about tips and tricks to look your best, into your golden years.


  • “Less is better! Too much make can be aging. Think light, bright and/or soft. Brighten your skin with soft highlighting products to create a luminous look. This also includes a shimmery eyeshadow or lip gloss. That’s right: shimmer is your friend! This isn’t the hard glitter of the 90s/00s. Soft iridescence is what you want to look for in the store.
  • Work with a professional artist that can show you placement, so you emphasize your best features.
  • Wear a lighter foundation, then use concealer to spot-conceal areas that need more attention.”


  • Avoid slathering on the powder, it can be aging! An exception is powdered eyeshadow.
  • Be aware of darker shades of lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. They can be aging as well. Plus, darker colors give the appearance of receding. It can make your lips look smaller!
  • Heavy foundations provide coverage, which is why most individuals lean towards them as we mature. But heavier foundations will settle into your fines lines and pores. Opt for a BB cream or lightweight tinted moisturizer instead.

Karen will help you apply the makeup you already own, and she’s a brow guru! She can also consult with you on your makeup for the big day. If you want to learn more about services offered at Kiss N’ Makeup, visit KissNMakeup.com. You can also call to make an appointment at (512) 388-1150.

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