Kim Eagle with Earn That Body wants people to get the most out of their strength training, which is an important component in your workout routine. She says to remember these four simple tips to get more effective workouts:

  • Slow down
  • Simplify
  • Go heavy
  • Make a plan

Kim also says that she gets lots of questions about Thanksgiving from her clients. Her top 3 tips to survive the holiday:

  • Eat normal meals heading into Thanksgiving dinner. “Don’t starve yourself ahead of the big Thanksgiving meal because you’re going to end up overeating and feeling miserable. Do a normal breakfast and lunch ahead of Thanksgiving dinner so you’ll be less likely to gorge.”
  • Stay hydrated. “Staying hydrated can help you consume less food, and it’ll help give you a full feeling! Plus it’s important to keep water flowing to help you process your meal.”
  • Do a regular workout on Thanksgiving Day. “3 hours in the gym will not help offset your meal, and you could end up getting hurt. Stick to a normal 1-hour workout on the day of Thanksgiving.”

Kim wants people to have healthy, sustainable weight loss. Sign up for 5 weeks of virtual tutorials that will help you get stronger and more fit. The 5 Week Earn That Body Program that includes personalized nutrition and a full workout program! She’s also currently offering a Holiday Challenge and a Real Food Reset. To learn more about Kim’s services, check out her website. You can also give her a follow on social media, @EarnThatBody, for inspiration.