LVnTheLife hosts LV and Lena spoke with Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry about their IGTV series “LView,” in which both LV and Lena interview local, underrepresented and disabled artists of Central Texas and provide social media exposure for them through their Instagram: @lvnthelife.

The show has reached more than 120,000 followers for these artists. This provides outreach and expansion outside their communities while promoting inclusivity among the arts.

“LView” began its second season during January 2021 under the support of the City of Austin’s Cultural Arts Division’s Community Initiatives Impact Award. The hosts interviewed nine artists during their spring segment and the series will continue to post bi-weekly episodes every Sunday until June 6.

Who is LVnTheLife?

“LVnTheLife is a public benefits corporation founded in 2019 in Austin, Texas. We provide advertising, marketing, and social media development services for local businesses in Texas while fulfilling a mission in providing social media exposure to underrepresented multidisciplinary local and disabled artists through a social media community IGTV series called ‘LView’. We love our artists and we want our communities to value them as much as we do. LV was a talent scout in Las Vegas and Los Angeles about 10 years back and he was asked to not reveal the fact he was born with seizures and a learning disability because he would be seen as a handicap and while he worked as a talent scout he had to reject people that were just like him. LV was so discouraged in the fact that society had a certain viewpoint of the disabled that he wanted to change it. He began to grow a social media following in order to find means for these artists to find exposure outside the barriers of a commodity-based entertainment model. This became LVnTheLife. With the help of filmmaker Lena, they put together a team to interview wonderful artists of Texas and provide them the opportunity to receive exposure and voice!”

What is “LView” and who have you interviewed? 

“‘LView’ is an Instagram IGTV interview series of local underrepresented and disabled artists in Central Texas primarily in the Austin area, filmed at the Sweetwater Coffee & Tea Texas Capitol. We began in 2019 and now are on Season Two having won the Community Initiatives Impact Award from the City of Austin’s Cultural Arts Division. We are on Instagram @lvnthelife and our show is posted in three series of each episode bi-weekly on Sundays! We have recently interviewed nine artists for the spring episodes. They are: Visual Artists John Molina and Nancy West from Imagine Art, Actor Jonathan Flanders, Visual Artist Yuliya Lanina, TILT Performance Group Director Adam Roberts, Baker Allison Ainsley, Writer Tracee Beebe, Photographer Matthew Sklar, and Visual Artist Renee Lerma.”

You can find more information about LVnTheLife at The hosts are also on TikTok @lvnthelife. “Keep watchin’, keep likin’, keep followin’… LVnTheLife you guys!”

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