Celebrate Mom without giving her any extra work by gifting her something beautiful for her garden that’s easy to maintain. Lance Roberson of PLance.org joined Steph and Rosie to share his top picks.

Amazon Dianthus – type of carnations – biannual- full sun blooms most of the year including winter in Central Texas

Stella D’oro Daylilly – part shade is ok but the more sun the better

Buddlia – called butterfly bush – butterfly food and habitat that’s easy to maintain

Honey Suckle – vine, blooms, mostly un-killable, bees and pollinators love it!

Esparanza- means hope in Spanish, perennial shrub that grows fast and tall

Passion Flower Vine- these are not blooming yet but try to pick one up before blooms happen or they will be hard to find in stores! Happy in the shade and produces beautiful blooms.

For more information or to contact Lance with questions you can go to PLance.org or email Lance@PLance.org