We have officially made it to the weekend and we’re ready to rosé all day because June 12th is National Rosé Day! In honor of the holiday and the start of summer, we reached out to Gina Scott, the wine director, and general manager of Juliet’s Arboretum location to share her top picks for the best rosé’s for every budget and every occasion.

Gina’s Top 5 Rosé’s For Every Budget & Occasion:

La Vieille Ferme — This Rhone blend from the Rhone region of France is a fabulous pick if you’re hosting a party or barbecue because you can buy multiple bottles on a budget. It’s on the drier side and pairs well with grilled shrimp and cheese and crackers.

Hubert Meyer, Crémant d’Alsace Rosé — Perfect for relaxing on a patio after the workday, this highly-rated French rosé is fresh and lively with notes of mellow red apple and strawberry.

Il Monticello Serasuolo Rosato — An Italian wine from the Liguria region, it’s produced from the ciliegiolo variety and has a noticeable dark, cherry red hue. The flavors feature black cherry and wild strawberry with a hint of rose petals. Chill this well and pack for your next picnic.

Long Shadows “Julia’s Dazzle” — Hailing from a noted Washington state vineyard, this is a versatile wine that is perfect for drinking it alone or pairing it with summer foods like roasted salmon, barbecue, and salads.

Vigne del Malina Rosad — Another Italian selection, this wine makes a great host or hostess gift to take along to your next dinner party. It features a crisp and dry finish with notes of watermelon, pear, and green apple. This pairs well with heartier dishes that have tomato-based sauces.

It’s believed that rosé is the oldest known type of wine, as the earliest red wines were likely closer in appearance to rosés than what we know as red wines today. It’s not a blend of red and white grapes, nor made by mixing red and white wines—it’s most often made from red wine grapes with red skins and white insides. Rosé should be consumed within two to three years of purchase—so don’t plan on keeping it in your wine cellar for a long time.”

Gina Scott, Juliet Italian Kitchen

Rosé is known for pairing well with popular summer foods like salads, seafood, charcuterie, and soft cheeses. Gina recommends choosing a drier rosé for seafood. More sugary, and sparkling rosés pair well with fruits and citrus-forward dishes, and medium-bodied rosés are perfect for grilled and roasted chicken.

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