Today, September 30th Women’s Storybook Project is holding their 4th annual fundraising luncheon via Youtube at noon. Hosted by Joy Diaz from NPR’s Texas Standard, featuring performer SaulPaul and other heartstring-pulling speakers.

At Women’s Storybook Project (WSP), the mission is to connect incarcerated mothers with their children through the joy and power of literature. Incarcerated moms are given the opportunity to earn (through good behavior) the ability to record themselves reading a book, which is then mailed to their child. The result is that a child gets to hear their mom reading them a bedtime story.

We are called to display unconditional love with kind words and thoughtful actions, especially during the pandemic with its unending uncertainty and racial tensions occurring across the world. 

Amid coronavirus, since WSP volunteers are unable to visit the prisons, the organization continues to connect incarcerated mothers with their children (and caregivers) through a creative letter-writing campaign. 

One mom who has benefited from WSP states, “I love her, I’m never going to stop loving her – no matter what happens – and I want her to know that.” The simple sharing of a storybook can have a big impact on a family dealing with parental incarceration. These stories can strengthen and heal damaged relationships and build hope for the future. 

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