Wondering when to have the “D” talk with your children? Local Austinites Ricardo Gattas-Moras and Rob Jackson are introducing an easy way to discuss “Diversity” and inclusion with a children’s book suitable for all ages!

Locals Ricardo Gattas-Moras and Rob Jackson are debuting as authors with The Rainbow Bee book, a sweet and thoughtfully-illustrated story about a bee who is born looking quite different (with rainbow stripes) into a hive that has never dealt with diversity amongst its members.

“Rainbow not only looked different, but liked different things too.”

Gattas-Moras and Jackson introduce surprise, conflict and vulnerability in a way that children of all ages can understand and enjoy. Rainbow, the main character in the story, is able to help the hive realize that differences can be beautiful, and should be embraced.

“We’re all a little different; some taller, some shorter, some wider, some slimmer, some yellow and black, and some rainbow. But inside we’re all the same.”

As new parents, the authors are no strangers to the importance of embracing diversity and inclusion. They recently expanded their family by welcoming their son, Cy Gattas-Jackson, through the process of adoption in April of 2019. Their son’s early love for books, and their personal journeys as members of the LGBTQ+ community, were the inspirations that helped The Rainbow Bee come to life. “We believe that it is important to introduce the concept of diversity and inclusion early on. We feel that being surrounded by diversity isn’t enough; we need to take the time to explain it so that children can make sense of it too” said the couple.

The book is available for pre-order now on Amazon; the authors can be contacted for virtual school visits, too! If you would like more information about this topic or to arrange an interview, please email the authors at: gattasjackson@therainbowbeebook.com.