Austin author Wendi Aarons wrote her book, “Ginger Mancino, Kid Comedian,” as a sort of love letter to her 12-year-old self and other girls like her: slightly awkward pre-teen girls who had something funny to say. As she explains it, “I never saw books that spoke to me or other girls like this.” 

Synopsis: At 12 years old, kid comedian Ginger Mancino is forced to retire from professional comedy only to discover her toughest audience yet: middle school!

Imagine her surprise when she heard back from big publishers that they really liked the book, but could she change the main character to a boy? Wendi remembers being given the message as a kid that girls can’t — or shouldn’t — be funny. She has set out on a mission to flip the script.

Debuting on June 21st, “Ginger Mancino, Kid Comedian” is based in Austin and features a number of local Austin hot spots (Zilker Park, P. Terry’s) that young Austinites are sure to love reading about! 

The book launch event will be held on June 23rd at BookPeople. Keep an eye out for Wendi’s other two adult books coming in 2022 and 2023 (respectively): “I’m Wearing Tunics Now” and “Rock Your Socks.” Learn more about her award-winning humor and writing on Wendi’s website.