BK Greenwood is an Austin-based author who has written a historical fiction series called “The Last Roman.” He spoke with Studio 512 about the adversity that led him to pursue a creative passion.

Described as “one part historical fiction novel and one part thriller,” the “Last Roman” series is set in Rome’s Ninth Legion, spanning 2,000 years of history that transition from the battlefields of Ancient Rome to modern times.

Greenwood says the series is “Part ‘Da Vinci Code,’ part ‘Indiana Jones’ and part ‘Highlander,’ with fast-paced, action-packed books. The storyline follows the protagonist Marcus Sempronius Gracchus as he is cursed with eternal life, forced to reconcile his past, and find redemption.”

The first two books of the series, called “Exile” and “Abyss” are available now on Amazon and on BK Greenwood’s site. BK is completing the trilogy in March 2022 with the release of the final book, called “Absolution.” He plans to do book signings at Barnes & Noble starting in February, so be on the lookout for dates and times!

You can learn more about BK and “The Last Roman” series on his website, BKGreenwood.com.