The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, and many of us will be opening up our homes to friends and family to celebrate the joy of the season. Of course, that means cleaning before the guests arrive! Zerorez wants to knock “home cleaning” off your to-do list this year. Owner Brad McKee spoke with Studio 512 about what Zerorez has to offer.

“You can take advantage of our holiday specials now, and still be enjoying clean carpet long after the holidays have passed. Your carpet is the largest air filter in your home and it’s in need of a good and thorough cleaning! Dirty traffic patterns, spots and stains, pet issues and indoor allergies need to be gone. Think about how great you’ll feel knowing that your carpet, tile, rugs, upholstery and air ducts are clean and healthy.

“No one cleans like Zerorez, our Zr technology is unmatchable. We clean without detergents, soaps or harmful chemicals that traditional cleaners use yet their process breaks down dirt, grease, and odor-producing substances, better than the most powerful cleaner out there. And Zerorez leaves zero dirt-attracting residue behind, so your carpets dry faster, dry softer and stay cleaner longer.

“Did you know? Our carpet is the biggest air filter in our homes! Carpet is the safest floor covering you can have in your home, but you must be vigilant by having your carpet professionally cleaned; removing mold spores, dust, dirt, germs and those multitude of contaminants we track in on our shoes. Just like your HVAC filter, your carpet filter needs to be cleaned so it can keep doing its job.

“The average home can accumulate up to 40 pounds of dust in a year and no amount of vacuuming can thoroughly clean your carpet. We recommend cleaning it at least once a year, or even more if you have a lot of traffic or pets. Otherwise, our lungs become the filter. Clean carpet should be at the top of the list for indoor maintenance, now that we’re spending more time indoors and opening up our homes to friends and family to celebrate the holidays.

“Zerorez is in the carpet rescue business and we can return your carpet to like new condition. When you call Zerorez we’ll take care of everything; carpet, tile, rugs, pet treatments even your air ducts and we do it with our patented ZR water technology, free from detergents, soaps and toxic-chemicals. I love what our clean feels like. It’s not stiff and crunchy. It’s soft and fluffy.

“Rather than cleaning like most traditional cleaners which hasn’t changed in fifty years, we focus on science. Our patented Zr Water cleaning technology provides a more powerful clean than anything available to consumers. Our process removes dirt, bacteria and allergens from your home without the need for harmful chemicals, soaps or detergents. Our process breaks down dirt, grease, and odor-producing substances, all without soapy residue bonding to carpet fibers attracting dust and dirt over time, your carpets will dry faster, dry softer and stay cleaner longer.

“Our home furnishings are subject to the same issues as our carpet. You don’t need to worry about living with furniture that’s seen better days. Zerorez can use our same cleaning technology and return your upholstery to like new condition. Not only will it look great but you’ll sit back and notice the fresh clean smell!

“Zerorez is the most referred and recommended carpet cleaner in Austin. We have over 3,400 online and local reviews with an average 4.9-star rating and a Platinum Award from the Carpet & Rug Institute — the industry’s leading science-based source on carpets.”

Take advantage of Zerorez’s holiday special: get three rooms of carpet cleaning for $123, plus save 20% off upholstery cleaning! Call 512-290-9990 or go to for details. Spell it backwards or forwards, it’s spelled the same: Z-E-R-O-R-E-Z.

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