A fun surprise in the mail: Rosie and Steph are sporting new Birkenstocks for the summer! Local artist and educator Jodie King sent over some of her custom shoes, which are based on two paintings she’s done: “The Only Way Out Is Through” and “Play Time 2020.”

Since the shoes are custom, there’s a pre-order waiting period that Jodie’s website currently lists as 4-6 weeks. It’ll still be plenty hot in Texas for you to wear your sandals after they arrive!

Jodie believes in women’s empowerment, and she’s a big proponent of being brave and breaking rules!

“I teach honest art. I encourage women to redefine their freedom, their power and their voice through the use of creativity – without taking ourselves too seriously. We’re here to laugh, play, and find our values together.

Jodie King

Jodie has also released a mixed media journal to write and paint, because she believes in journaling and meditation for mental health.

You can do Jodie’s “Free Creative Clarity Meditation” before your next paint session, or just while driving in the car or doing chores. Learn about her Color Course For Rebels, Art Biz For Rebels, or Rebels Rising — her mentorship program — at JodieKing.com.