Alex Wheatley Bell, Beverage Director of Aviary Wine & Kitchen, spoke with Studio 512 about his celebration of liters of vino, saying “After 2020, and the start of 2021, we could all use an extra 250 milliliters of wine in our lives!”

Alex says that liters are most commonly found in German and Austrian wine production, but to be prepared to start seeing more producers sizing up because of the “party” character of the big bottles. Liter wines also lend themselves to more “playful” wine types, according to Alex, and the assortment is made to please a crowd!

Aviary has launched their Wine Shop, where you can see Alex’s picks (and some funny asides) with reasonably-priced bottles of wine. They always have new ideas brewing! Aviary is also doing an entire menu reboot in August. Learn more about all their offerings on their website.