Commercial tractor-trailers take up a great deal of space on our local roads, creating a heightened risk of serious injury. There are several areas around these trucks where operators simply cannot see other vehicles from their position in the cab despite multiple side mirrors.

Rosie sat down with Dan Christensen of DC Law to find out more about the legal ramifications of these kind of accidents.

What Makes Trucks Susceptible to Blind Spot Accidents?

It’s really their size that causes the problems. When they change lanes they take up a lot of space and their blind spots are large which makes it dangerous. When a large commercial truck strikes a car in their blind spot causing serious injuries or death, the victims and their families inevitably face a long uphill legal battle.

What experience does DC Law have handling cases against this type of defendant?

The attorney’s at DC Law are board certified in person injury trail law. That means that is our only job and that is what we do. These are complicated cases and you have to have a thorough understanding of The Federal Motor Safety Regulations. That is why it is important to contact someone who specializes in these cases.

What measure can be taken to avoid these Blind Spots when driving next to a large commercial vehicle?

A driver’s duty to be aware of a truck’s blind spots goes both ways. While the driver of the truck is primarily responsible for checking their blind spots and avoiding collisions, with that said, are motorists expected to know that tractor-trailers have limited visibility in certain areas and avoid staying in those spots for any length of time.

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