Distracted driving is a growing problem in Austin and elsewhere. The use of smartphones to text, tweet, and update social media accounts while driving is, unfortunately, leading to an increased number of accidents.

Dan Christensen of DC Law joined Studio 512 Co-Host Rosie Newberry to tell us more.

Christensen discussed the experience DC Law has in this area of accident law, examples of actions that divert a driver’s attention away from the road, such as:

  • Visual distractions: Distractions that cause a driver’s eyes to leave the road. Examples include looking at a phone screen, looking at a GPS, and using the vanity mirror to check one’s appearance
  • Manual distractions: Distractions involving a driver’s hands, leaving them unable to control the vehicle fully. Examples include texting, adjusting the radio, eating and drinking
  • Cognitive distractions: Distractions that take a driver’s mind off the road. Examples include daydreaming, listening to music too loudly, having a conversation with other people in the car

He also shared which laws are in place that require a driver to refrain from operating a vehicle while distracted and what evidence is normally used to prove a defendant was distracted while driving.

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