Dan Christensen of DC Law joined Studio 512 Co-Host Stephanie Gilbert to talk about keeping juries in the dark.

When we have an accident and if we unfortunately must go to court, what are some other issues that can occur after the verdict is issued?

“In most injury court cases, the jury is kept in the dark. We say we trust their ability to find the truth, yet we don’t trust them with so much information. For example, we can’t introduce evidence that the defendant is covered by liability insurance or even how much insurance they have,” Christensen said. “Also, we can’t introduce evidence of the case expenses the injured person had to incur to get through the trial. Sometimes, these expenses can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they come out of the verdict.”

“Lastly, we can’t tell the jury about the fact that the injured person will have to pay typically 40% of the verdict to their lawyer. So, if an injured person gets a verdict of $1M, they may only take home around $200K in the end. We trust juries to make life and death decisions every day, however, the rules don’t trust them to be able to consider evidence of insurance, expenses, and fees in these injury cases. Doesn’t make sense.”

So how does DC Law prepare for such complicated cases?

Christensen said:

  1. Interview witnesses.
  2. Canvas area, get footage from nearby businesses.
  3. Obtain medical records to prove injury.
  4. Recreate the accident scene to show how it occurred.

About DC Law

“DC Law is the largest veteran-owned Austin-based personal injury law firm in Texas. Attorney Dan Christensen is a former military member who has devoted over twenty-five years to helping others.”

“The attorneys at DC Law are board-certified in personal injury trial law. That means that is our only job and that is what we do. These are complicated cases and you have to have a thorough understanding of The Federal Motor Safety Regulations. That is why it is important to contact someone who specializes in these cases.”

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