Learning About Carnivorous Plants With PLance

Studio 512

Think all plants just get their energy from the sun? Not these hungry heads! Lance Roberson of PLance visited Studio 512 to tell us all about carnivorous plants.

Most of the time, plants are the ones getting eaten, but species like the venus flytrap and pitcher plants actually eat bugs to get their nutrients– so they’re meat eaters!

Some carnivorous plants can even eat organisms as big as frogs or rats, but never fear, the meat-eating plants can’t eat humans. They lure bugs and other animals with their sweet smell, and then trap them in their sticky nectar and break them down.

For years, PLance has been working in the commercial agriculture industry. His organization is focused on helping people to help plants, and helping plants to help people! You can call 512-672-9250 or go to www.plance.org for more on Lance’s services, which include residential, ranch, wildlife and community agriculture.

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