Learning About Austin’s “Golden Adjacent” Era With Patrick Floyd Of Austin Aloha For “512 Day”

Studio 512

Patrick Floyd of Austin Aloha celebrated “512 Day” with Studio 512 by discussing an interesting part of our city’s culture: what Patrick has coined the “Golden Adjacent” era. The era is defined the words of Bud Shrake, who moved to Austin in 1968: “No matter what year you moved to Austin, you missed it. Somebody will tell you this was a really great place to live until shortly before you arrived.”

Patrick says, “Shrake’s ‘The Screwing Up Of Austin’ was originally published in the Texas Observer on Friday, December 27, 1974. Shrake, who went on to co-write one of Willie’s autobiographies, is also one of Austin’s great mythologizers.

Since at least 1968, Austin has been eulogizing a Golden Age that just passed out of reach. While the Golden Age is by definition irretrievable, the time *just after* a Golden Age fades deserves a name of its own.

I want to challenge & explore ideas about Austin’s ‘good old days.’ I want to riff & reflect on what it means to appreciate living in Austin’s perpetual Golden Adjacent.”

Patrick has launched AustinAloha.com, which celebrates the arts, culture, & leisure of Central Texas. “In the tradition of homegrown armadillo icons, Austin Aloha aspires to be the roly-poly of a thriving cultural compost heap. Just under the surface we dig & nibble to sustain the creative ecosystem we call home.” Learn more at AustinAloha.com.

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