It is projected that in 2034, older adults will outnumber children in the U.S. Meals On Wheels needs you to help them cater to this growing population. Theresa Medlin Crawford, VP for Volunteer Services & Distribution, joined Rosie to tell viewers how they can get involved.

You can apply for opportunities such as being a driver for a meal delivery route. To qualify, you must be 18+ or have an adult to accompany you, fill out your application, and complete the zoom orientation and training. You have to have a drivers license and proof of insurance. Applying is quick and easy.

You can also get involved in their H.O.P.E (Healthy Options For The Elderly) program, in partnership with Central Texas Food Bank. On the second Saturday of every month, volunteers deliver necessary groceries.

Meals On Wheels provides groceries to go, where they match a volunteer and client together. This is great for more mobile clients who can cook for themselves and maybe even join the volunteer on their shopping trip.

And, Meals On Wheels has your pets covered too. Their PALS program provides care for their clients’ pets by delivering food supplies and even helping them get to the vet.

To learn more or sign up to volunteer with Meals On Wheels Central Texas and help those in need in our community, go to

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