Steph recently visited with Dr. Lee Chilton MD, Emergency Physician at Physicians PremiER, and discussed bicycling safety and what to do in case of an emergency while on the trail. 

How do we cycle safely during the COVID pandemic?

Physicians Premier ER: Being outdoors in the sunshine and wind eliminates the virus and recharges the immune system. Keeping a safe distance from another cyclist prevents viral transmission.  Wearing a mask has not been shown to be necessary to cycle safely.

How do we cycle safely, on the road or on the trail?

Physicians Premier ER: On the road or off, always wear a helmet and protective eyewear, maintain your equipment, and carry a phone.  On the road, pre-plan your route, use a red blinking rear light, use hand signals, and follow the law.  On the trail, ride at your skill level, wear protective clothing, be courteous to others, and leave no trash.

How do we cycle safely in the heat?

Physicians Premier ER: The best time to ride is early in the morning and on cloudy days – just remember your lights!  Make sure to hydrate continuously, bring a snack, rest  and utilize the restroom at least hourly.  Wear sunscreen, replace electrolytes, and stop a ride before you begin to feel ill.

If we have a fall or overheat, when do we go to the ER?

Physicians Premier ER: If you overheat and develop weakness, experience low urine output, muscle pain, nausea, or an altered mental state, you should visit the ER.  If you fall and are concerned about a fracture, have significant road rash, or have a head/chest/abdominal injury, it’s time to visit the ER. If you have underlying medical conditions and are concerned about any symptoms you are having, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide guidance.

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