Raquel Greer Gordian of Greer Image Consulting has some tips to help you get out the door, feeling your best! She says a statistic that she hears a lot is that women tend to only wear about 10-20% of their closet, which can end up making well-loved outfits feel worn and uncreative. Here are her tips to spark interest in your wardrobe again:

 1. GET IN THE MOOD. “Get clear on where you’re going and the mood of the place. This may mean putting on some music to get dressed, pouring a glass of wine, doing a self-care skincare ritual or taking a bath to relax yourself before you head out. Not many people have extra time in the mornings, so considering doing this sort of ritual on Sundays to set up your outfits for the week!”

2. CHOOSE A BASE PIECE TO START THE OUTFIT. “If you’re wearing separates, I almost always start with the bottoms, but this may vary for you. If you’re going with a dress, jumpsuit or romper, make that your base piece.”

3. COMPLEMENT THE BASE. “If it’s a separate like a top or bottoms, choose a second piece that balances the first. Fitted goes with flowy. Short goes with long. Tight goes with loose, etc.”

4. STYLE. “This is how to make the outfit your own! This means tucking, tying up, rolling cuffs, rolling sleeves, scrunching sleeves — any little details to enhance the look before adding more elements.”

5. ADD THE FINISHING TOUCHES. “Shoes and jewelry are essential, even a watch will do. Other options include: bag, sunglasses, belt (waist or pants) and a hat.”

6. CHECK YOURSELF. “This is when you ask questions: Does everything vibe? Does it make me feel like myself? If the answer is yes, you’re good to go! If the answer is no, start by swapping out just a single piece from the outfit and inserting something slightly different. Then ask again until you find your favorite look.”  

Raquel offers virtual and in-person shopping, and she’s offering both options for styling, too. Follow her blog and learn more about her services at GreerImageConsulting.com.