Adeina Anderson of Creative Lifestyles spoke with Studio 512 about how to make a great, last-minute Halloween costume. She says that her offerings work for adults or for kiddos. Check out her creative ideas:

  • Martian – “This is fun and easy to create with cardboard, streamers, and battery lights!”
  • Bag of Jelly Belly – “Grab your balloons, a big plastic bag, and a black sweatshirt.”
  • Bubble Gum Machine – “Make this costume for around $5 with a white t-shirt and some pom poms. Add some felt for a better look.”
  • Arcade Game – “I created Pac-Man with just felt and a black t-shirt.”

Adeina is gearing up for the holidays! “I have some holiday decor and travel ideas coming to the website soon. I also have a new ALL TRAVEL website called I share great travel tips, trips, and fun places to visit in the U.S. I hope you can check it out!”