Father’s Day is coming up and we don’t want Dad to be left with another tie or paper weight so we gathered some great ideas from our friends at Goodstock to help you “knock Father’s Day out of the park this year!” Steph and Rosie showed off some of their favorite items along with some delicious Texas Angus beef.

Goodstock by Nolan Ryan is a true “destination store” offering the highest quality Texas Angus beef, custom cut by an in-house butcher, as well as an array of Texas-sourced artisan products has the perfect selection of gifts for Father’s Day this year.

The Round Rock-based boutique butcher shop is fully stocked with a curated selection of Texas-made provisions, cooking accessories and grilling essentials for every level of grilling enthusiast from a weekend warrior to a novice Pitmaster.

Butcher Shop Ideas For Dad

  • Tomahawk Ribeye
    • Weigh an average of 3lbs and are perfect for reverse searing, smoking or placing directly on coals for great flavor. Pick one of these bad boys up at the butcher shop and impress dad with a Father’s Day feast.
  • Grill Master Package
    • Goodstock’s most popular cuts are included in the Grillmaster package which is available to order online direct to your doorstep. Their Black Label steaks never fail to impress. The exceptional marbling melts over the grill and locks in juices for maximum flavor. Nationwide shipping available for long-distance Father’s Day celebrations.
  • Blended burgers
    • Goodstock Burgers are 100% Texas Black Angus Beef, all-natural minimally processed and contain no artificial flavors. These are easy to grab from the butcher shop and grill out for your Dad or family and friends on Father’s day.  
  • No Fuss BBQ Rub
    • Goodstock’s simple yet flavorful seasoning pairs perfectly with any meat or protein. Apply the rub with a classic adhesive like mustard to your cut of meat and dad will enjoy delicious briskets, ribeye’s and BBQ dishes.
  • Smithey Skillet & Accessories
    • Handmade in Charleston, South Carolina, Smithey offers heirloom-quality ironware and cooking accessories that will impress any dad that is an at home chef. The shop is stocked with a variety of sizes, styles, and related accessories to choose from.
  • Gloves & Grill Tools
    • High-end grilling gear is available in-store for the pit-master dad. 
  • Nolan Ryan Cookbook
    • Dad will love this classic cookbook with Nolan Ryan signature recipes and family favorites.
  • 1-2 Sauces / Spices/ Mixes
    • Goodstock offers an array of Texas-based spices, sauces and items to compliment any meal at their Round-Rock shop.
  • Goodstock Steak Seasoning
    • Goodstock’s steak seasoning is a traditional blend of perfectly balanced spices for grilling aficionados and is available online and in the store.
  • Denim hat
    • For the dad who loves to be decked out in his favorite brand or gear, Goodstock has a selection of hats, t-shirts and other branded apparel for Father’s Day gifts that are available online and in the store.
  • Brisket Board
    • This is the ideal tool for any aspiring Pit Master that would make the perfect Father’s Day gift. Goodstock created this unique cutting board to not only display your perfectly smoked brisket, but also hold your knife with a magnetic corner to while you serve and tend to your cool beverage. Handmade in Texas from local reclaimed Hickory wood, these custom cutting boards are one of a kind. 
  • Carving Set
    • Goodstock’s Carving Knife Set features 1 (9-inch) carving knife and 1 carving fork to make slicing large Prime Ribs, Tenderloins, Roasts, Turkeys and Hams a breeze and is available for online or instore purchase.
  • Steak Knives
    • This Goodstock branded, steak knife set features 8 high carbon steel knives with a serrated edge, coupled with a riveted Polywood handle for maximum comfort and stability.  A wooden block houses each knife securely and provides easy access for your daily cooking routines. And it just so happens to be one of Nolan’s favorite go-to gift items.

And in celebration of Father’s Day, Goodstock is offering 15% off all non-perishable merchandise at the Butcher Shop and online for a limited time. Shop in-store from June 15-20 for this deal, or to get your package online in time for Father’s Day, 15% off begins this Monday, June 7 through June 16th.

BUT – Psssst, little secret. As a special for our viewers, Goodstock is offering early online access for this deal. Starting today through Sunday, visit Goodstocktx.com and enter code ‘Studio512’ at check-out to redeem 15% off non-perishable merchandise.

Goodstock by Nolan Ryan is located at 3800 East Palm Valley Boulevard, Suite 110, Round Rock, Texas 78665

For more information go to GoodStockTx.com