FEMA disaster preparedness instructor, Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, and founder of PrepareWithCher.com, Cheryl Nelson, teamed up with Ecoflow to help us keep the power on during an emergency.

Ecoflow is a leading eco-friendly energy company with solutions for providing emergency power. Natural disasters are bound to happen, so as a homeowner it’s critical that you are prepared. Ecoflow’s new solar generator, Delta 2 Max Portable Power Station is a powerful 24-hundred watt replacement for gas generators. It is built for resilience, and can power 99% of appliances, and accommodate 15 devices simultaneously, including 6 AC outlets.

The Delta 2 Max is a recipient of the Red Dot Design Award and delivers energy for up to 2 days while remaining highly portable. Now you can guarantee energy while reducing your carbon footprint, with the fastest recharge on the market.

Learn more about all of their products and more at Ecoflow.com.

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