Summer is here and a lot of us are dreaming of comfy-cute and easy outfit options that’ll help us keep cool during the next several months. Enter Mila And Me…a local, hand-dyed, loungewear brand with matching mommy & baby options.

Founder, Melissa Thaxton joined Steph and Rosie to share her summer collection and offer up some tie-dye tips if you’re looking for ways to keep the kids busy!

Melissa’s summer collection is on her website now and best sellers include the maxi dress and body-con dress. She of course also offers matching Mommy & me outfits for the littles and as of today you can also shop Mila & Me’s 4th of July collection online.

Melisa also offered some tips on DIY tie-dye for anyone who wants to get creative at home this summer.

-Start off with buying your first tie-dye kit. Then choose the colors that you want to use, and choose colors that would blend or mix well.

-An important tip when tie-dying is make sure that the water you’re using is almost boiling hot when you mix it with the color, because this also really helps it absorb into the fabric.

-Also when you’re using a tie-dye kit make sure that you’re dying fabric that is mainly cotton.

-You always want to let your tie-dye sit for at least 24 hours, that allows it to really absorb into the fabric.

-Heat and sun is great for tie-dye, so if you can leave your finished product in the sun or even put it in the microwave, that helps the color become more vibrant.

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